The Residential Wiremen, like the Inside Wireman, installs the systems that distribute power from the point of entry in a building to the equipment within a building that uses that power. The difference between the Inside Wireman and the Residential Wireman is that, while the Inside Wireman is performing electrical work in commercial and industrial facilities, the Residential Wireman is performing and maintaining the electrical systems in homes and other types of residential installations.

As technology continues to grow, houses place more and more demand on their electrical systems. The tasks associated with the Residential Wireman continually evolve. Today’s homes are now being equipped with computer networks, energy management systems, security systems, fire alarm systems as well as the standard power distribution systems to lights and receptacles throughout the home. The Residential Wireman installs all of these various systems. These craftspeople are learning the background knowledge and the skills necessary to make these systems work for today’s homeowner.

3-year Systematic Program of Learning—
Apprentices can obtain all essential knowledge and skills necessary for becoming a Residential Wireman.

4800 Hours of On-the-Job Training—
Apprentices train to proficiency in all of the related fields associated with the residential construction industry.480 Hours of Related Study (minimum)—
Apprentices will study theories relating to all job tasks important to the trade.  Classroom time helps to reinforce skills learned while doing on-the-job training.